Ever Heard Of Terpenes?

Terpenes are like nature’s spice.

A multitude of aromatic compounds and their combinations can drastically change your smoking experience with your favourite plant. Terpenes are a great indicator of the flavour profile of a product as well as its potential effects. For that reason, many in the cannabis industry even think it’s more valuable to select strains depending on their terpene profile rather than the classic indica-sativa classification, but that’s a story for a future blog (wink).

The most common terpenes found in cannabis are:


Renowned for its spiciness, it is naturally found in black pepper. It can potentially be used to decrease inflammation.


Probably one of the most refreshing terpenes, it is naturally found in pine trees and various herbs. It can potentially be used to decrease inflammation and pain, as well as reduce anxiety.


Think of a night around the campfire. This terpene reminds most of the smell of wood and hops and has potential to reduce inflammation.


The name says it all! Reminiscent of lemon and other citrus, it is sweet and fruity and could potentially reduce anxiety and stress.


Ever felt like getting lost in a field of wildflowers? This terpene is naturally found in lavender and has rich floral tones. It has potential to provide a deeper level of relaxation.


Exotic and spicy, this terpene is naturally found in mangoes. It has potential to increase the overall level of calmness.

There are over 30 000 unique terpenes in existence, but the majority of terpenes you’ll encounter when shopping at your favourite dispensary will be from the above list. When terpenes are listed on the packages from the Licensed Producer, we do our best to include the percentage in the description of each product. Shop here for our full inventory.

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