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At Collective Growers, we bring you the very best products and accessories for your cannabis lifestyle. Featuring an exclusive collection of established and emerging brands, our selection is carefully curated by our merchandising team to include highly differentiated and distinctive products.


Our goal at Collective Growers is to help Grow Your Own Way in discovering how cannabis can be part of whatever lifestyle choices you embrace. Our Cannabis Advisors are trained and educated on all the products we carry and are always happy to educate you on items you’re interested in.


We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to inquire, discover and explore all that the plant has to offer. We thrive to design a beautiful, comfortable environment for you to enjoy unmatched, knowledgeable, and friendly services, along with the most competitive pricing in the cannabis industry.


Our gold standard of curated products

Our selection of products is unrivaled, boasting a variety of different ingestion methods for every type of consumer.

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